Tinubu stated that the removal of  the petrol subsidy was a necessary action for the  country not to go into  bankruptcy  and to reset the economy towards growth.

“Yes, there have been drawbacks. Yes, there was the expectation that a greater number of people would feel the difficulty, but, of course, I believed it was their interest that was the focus of government.

“We shared the pain across the board. We cannot but include those who are very vulnerable. Luckily, we have a very vibrant youthful population interested in discoveries by themselves, highly ready for technology, good education, and committed to growth,” Tinubu explained.

“It is very, very necessary and compulsory for us to engender growth, stability, and economic prosperity for our people.”

The President also said that achieving regional stability and growth will only happen through sustained economic collaboration and inclusiveness.

While calling on bigger economies to actively participate in the promotion and prosperity of the region, he urged global collaboration and inclusiveness to drive capital formation and economic opportunities in Africa.